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Mediation is a cooperative problem-solving process during which a neutral professional assists participants in clearly defining the issues in dispute and reaching agreements that are in the best interests of the parties. The mediator is an impartial third party, is not one who determines fault, and does not make decisions for others, but helps participants resolve misunderstandings and communicate more clearly with each other. Hostile and competitive feelings are reduced so individuals can better adjust to changing situations and plan for the future.

Mediating a case before a lawsuit is filed enables the parties to present their case to a mutually selected neutral person before any money is spent on litigation. The cost of mediating a case is minimal compared to the costs incurred through the life of a lawsuit. 

Mediation Sessions can be completed in half or full day sessions, in-person or remotely. Some cases can be completed in hourly sessions - 3 hour minimum. In some instances, additional fees may apply. 

Types of Mediation:

      ~    Contractual Claims                                 ~    Employment                        ~    Business

      ~    Bank and Credit Card Debt                    ~    Estate Planning                   ~    Construction

      ~    Injury / Accident Claims                          ~    Landlord - Tenant                ~    Partnership

​      ~     Warranty Claims                                    ~    Real Estate                          ~    Elder Care    

      ~    Family / Divorce                                      ~    Workplace                           ~    Automotive

Mediation Fees: 

Settlement Agreement: $600 
3-Hour Case Mediation (cost is split between the parties)

$200 each additional hour 

Divorce Settlement Project 8-Hours: $800 Per Party

General Hourly Rate $100/Per Party, 3-Hour Minimum
Travel expenses may apply. 

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